Monday, June 20, 2016

Taste of Justice

Poetry concept:
A quinzaine is a poem with three lines that has fifteen syllables. No rhymes. There should be seven syllables in the first line, five in the second line and three in the third line (7/5/3). The first line makes a statement. The next two lines ask a question relating to that statement.
They say justice is for all
How does justice taste?
Is it free?


Poetry concept:
10 line poem. Start with one syllable, each line has one additional syllable.
Cold as ice
A rising storm
Burning from embers
Silence in the distance
yet the ground begins to shake
Birds lose their voices, stone crumbles,
winds become turbulent, so quiet
So quiet, no one can hear you screaming

Monday, May 23, 2016


From your bones, our prosperity will rise
We plunder and cut, until your demise
Your darkened bark, turns scarred black
And into your flesh, our axes will hack
You tremble and shake, your branches quivering
Your leaves will shudder, like you're shivering
Down your bark, blood leaves a trail
As it slides in to, our silver pail 

Flames they flicker, burning your skin,
Leaving death, where life had been
Your arms they fall, like boulders to the ground
They penetrate the floor, not making a sound
We take away, and don't give back
Instead we go whack, whack, whack

Raskolnikov and Sonia

Raskolnikov and Sonia

A murderer and his adulteress
Will their love have a chance?

Driven by necessity
Driven by madness
She'll follow him to the end

A murderer and his adulteress
Do they dare to stand a chance?

Eyes so cold
Pierce their soul
Judging them
Tearing them apart

How can they last in this place we call home
When in reality they're all alone

Alone to face their sins
In a world of their own
Love is their punishment
Their sins - their crime

Filled with hate
He'll drag her down too
She never stood a chance
He'll bring her down too

She'll do her best
To save his soul
but she's a shepherd without her staff
The blind leading the blind

Will these two survive?
The murderer and his adulteress
In a world darkened by hate
With eyes ice cold

The murderer and his adulteress
Together they'll suffer
Their sins are their crime
And love is their punishment

The Metamorphosing Crime of Poisonwood Heights

What is love, but a disease without a cure
Where your lover's sins, are what you endure
What is love, but your own worst mistake?
Where your daughters' lives, are the ones at stake

What is love, but a raging dog
Whose love, puts you in a fog
What is love, but the dog's killing bite?
Where darkness takes, the place of light

What is love, but a self-affliction?
Your one, and only, true addiction
What is love, but a prison of desires?
Where in place of wardens, you have liars

What is love, but your own worst crime
Where guilt, takes the place of grime
What is love, but the crushing blow
Where you find yourself, sinking low

Who you love, it matters not
Give a little, lose a lot

For Heathcliff, his love was his one, true curse
His devotion to Cathy – even worse
She took his heart, and held on tight
Even in death, she continued to fight

As for Orleanna, she fell for a priest
Who was selfish and spoiled, to say the least
Off to the Congo, the Price family went
Where the life of their daughter, would soon be spent

Now Raskolnikov, he's a tricky one
He was meant to suffer, for what he had done
But everything would have turned out fine
If he had not met Sonia, a woman benign

Gregor, he was doomed from the start
He spent too much time, from his family apart
Once he was feeble, and useless to them
They locked him away, like a man you'd condemn

So what is love, this poison we crave?
A poison that turns you, into a slave
Can we defeat it? Is there an end?
Or is it useless, to try and defend?
We've seen what happened, we know it all
Fall in love and soon you'll fall

Just ask anyone, they'll say the same
Love, was meant to maim
Once you fall in love, you can't escape
It's your one, and only, honest mistake

Hades and Persephone

The king of the underworld
The daughter of life
His eyes dark cold and icy
Hers light and airy

Light flickers through
Enhancing her innocence
Darkness surrounds him
Shielding his heart

What happens when these two cross?
The king of death and the daughter of life
Does she wither and wait
to accept her fate
or does she warm his shielded heart?

What happens when these two fall in love?
Can happiness reside where light cannot?
or will it slowly flicker away until it is no more
and give into the darkness around her?

They say even the smallest bit of light
Will shine in the darkness
Until it finally gives in
and flickers away

So what will happen
When she finally gives up
and fades away
Will he want her then?
or toss her away?

No one knows
Not one can say
What will happen
When the daughter of life
Fades away

Based off of this picture:

For Mom

Happy Birthday Mom
It's a special day for you
Blow out the candles
Make your dreams come true

Watch the flames as they flicker low
Watch them until it's time to go

It's been a year and time just flies
Especially when this one was filled with goodbyes
It's hard to believe you're no longer here
but in my heart you'll always be dear

So I wish that this birthday for you is the best
and your soul forever lays at rest
Forever I'll love and miss you
And even though my mood is blue
I wrote this poem just for you
and at your gravestone these words shall lay
As a gift from me on your birthday


Oh, sing us a song my little sparrow
About the queen who lost her pharoah
A song of true love torn apart
of love, that could never start
Sing us a song of truth and sadness
And maybe save us, from this madness
Sing us a song that will set us free
Free from lies, and misery
Sing us a song and do your best
To let our souls, lay at rest
Sing away our fears of leaving
Do not give into our grieving
Help us escape from this hell
and hope that everything turns out well
Oh, sing us a song

Letter to God

Dear God,
I know it's been awhile, since I've written to you
But what to write, I had not a clue
There was this girl, a friend of mine
with beautiful eyes and a smile divine
I loved her eyes, I loved her laugh
She truly was, my other half
Maybe it was wrong, how hard I fell
but when I was with her, my heart would swell
Together we'd spend, hours at night
Kissing and cuddling, until it got light
Maybe I sinned, maybe I was wrong
but my feelings for her, were too damn strong
I asked her to marry me, and she said yes
What happened next, you can only guess

Time went by, the years slipped away
But no matter what, I'll remember the day
The day she came to me and sat me down
and told me just what, the doctor had found
Inside her womb, now grew our child
and for a moment, I went wild
This was great news, for someone like me,
It was hard to believe, I was a father-to-be

I know you don't understand, why I did not write
When the life you gave me, was happy and bright
You knew I was thankful, and happy for it all
At least until, I got the call
The one from the hospital, where my son was born
The call that left me, feeling torn

Why did you do? Why'd you take him away?
Why couldn't you just let him stay?
You called him to the heavens above
Where he would be yours, to hold and love
But why God why, did she go too?
Was one death not enough for me to go through?
I don't understand it, it doesn't make sense
The sorrow in my heart, became immense
I did everything right, were you mad at me?
Was happy not what I was meant to be?
Did I fail as a husband? Where did I go wrong?
I always made sure, my prayers were long
I prayed and prayed and prayed some more
I had a cross on every door

I guess it wasn't enough for you
and now all this pain, I must go through
The least I could say, is that I tried
to try and remain, on your good side
I wanted to keep you happy, but it couldn't be done
You took away my wife, after my son

So here's the letter, I promised to write
When I held my wife, close at night
Before my son had been taken away
When I had, only good things to say

Here's the letter, I promised to write
When my future appeared, happy and bright
But things have changed, and so have I
I spent my time, trying to get by
But it's just not in me, to let things go
Losing my wife, was a fatal blow
I find myself wishing, it had been me you had taken
wishing you realized, you were mistaken
I wanted you to come, to take me away
And with my wife and son I'd stay
but that is impossible, and now I know why
Everything I learned about you, was all a lie
There is no God, you don't exist
No matter how much, others insist

The God they claim to know
Would never sink so low
to take away a man's wife and son
and so in my hand, now lies a gun
But it's not for you, it's for me
My eyes are open, I finally see
I found a way, to be with my wife
By taking away, my very own life
Together we'll be, in the land of the lost
where we'll be happy, no matter the cost


Abecedarian of a Lost Soul (Original)

A boy, a girl, a hero
Born or forgotten?
Cast into a mold or
Doomed to create their
Every move and desire,
Forcing their presence -
God-like and unholy,
Hellbent, or lurking
In the sunlight,
Jaded by their own
Kin, hated by others but
Loved, for who they
Make themselves out
Not to be, for fear of being
Ostracized by society,
Policed by constraints that
Quiver their soul, that
Reaps what it sows
Savoring the mold, though
Tossing it to the side
Unabashed, unafraid, unashamed
Veering to find themselves
Waiting for that
x-ray to come back saying
“You are who you are” not a

Zealot or a soldier but….

Abecedarian of a Lost Soul

A boy, a girl, a hero
Brave, fearsome, courageous or
Crazy enough to travel where
Death himself lives - carefully calculating their
Every move and desire as they begin
Forgetting themselves and forgetting
God as they close their eyes shut, trying to
Hold on tight while memories rush in
Invading their senses, leaving reality
juxtaposed with the faces of whom they
killed, but why they had to die, they’re no
longer sure. Call it war, call it justifiable
murder, call it what you may, but in the
night when gunshots are the one and
only thing that wakes you and
pain is all that reminds you you’re alive - even
quicksand appears to be a better end than
ricocheting bullets that leave nothing but
scars behind. You slowly begin to lose
track of who you are as you cling to the
up-sides of life. Upsides? You spend your time
veering to find yourself as you impatiently
wait for that moment when the
x-ray of your life comes back saying that
“You are who you are not” not a

zealot or a soldier but….