Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Abcedarian of Addiction

A is for addiction
B is for the beast you feel yourself becoming
C is for the countless hours you spent fighting
D is for the darkness your monster hides in
E is for how easy it is to fall under the spell of addiciton
F is for the feeling of desolation as you fight
G is for the good friends who stood by your side
H is for the hell you've find yourself trapped in
I is for the irrepressible feeling that you did this to yourself
J is for the jaded view of life you now have
K is the the fact that your addiction is literally killing you
L is the friendships you've destroyed as you fought your beast
M is for the memories of a better time, and a better place
N is for never going back
O is for ongoing battle that you'll fight every day of your life (is for one more hit, one more time and I'm done)
P is for the pain you cause yourself (for the poison coursing through your veins)
Q is for the quest to sobriety that feels like it will never end
R is for recovery and relapse
S is for sickness invading every part of you you ever knew
T  is for the time you spent hoping and praying the sickness would end
U is for the urges that plague your mind and weigh down your soul
V is for victory that is so close, yet so far away
W is for the weakness you're pushing out of your system
X is for x-ray, a snapshot of how your life used to be, how it could be again.
Y is for you, because you are strong to defeat a beast most cannot see
Z is for the zealot. The warrior we know you are.

Slay the beast.

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